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My Story
I wonder if you relate?
Hi there! 

My name is Dr. Sabrina Starling.

A few years ago, I was in a really big bind. Maybe you can relate...

I was stressed. I didn't sleep. I lay awake at night mulling the problem over and over in my head.

You see, I was facing an extended absence from my business...9 weeks!

But, there was a big problem...

Everything in my business depended on me. 

Who would take care of my clients if I was out for a couple of months?
How would services get delivered? 
How would we get paid? 
How would new business come in?

It seemed like an impossible problem. 
My business depended too much ON ME. 
And, I was very, very stressed. 

Until something happened...CLARITY!

I had a choice... 

I could keep stressing over this, or SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

I chose to solve the problem. 

I had just a few short months to make this work. 

Then I went to work ON making my business run without my daily involvement.

I made it happen. In just 4 short months I pulled off what initially seemed totally impossible...

I took 9 weeks off from my business AND it continued to function. 

Services were delivered, payments were collected, and new business came in.

That lead me to an epiphany... 

If I can do it, others (like you!) can, too. 

You see over the last 13 years of coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs, I have been on a quest to solve the most gnarly of problems...

How to get your business to run without you constantly jumping in to put out one fire after another.

For me, and probably for you, the 4 Week Vacation represents the ULTIMATE as a small business owner. 

Maybe you want to sit on the beach and sip margaritas all day long. 

Or, maybe like me, you want to take lots of time off at Christmas time to enjoy your family, and take long summer vacations with the kids. 

Or heck...maybe you want to take a 4 week hunting trip in Alaska, or Africa... or backpack Europe... or... sit at home and read a book uninterrupted...or dream up your next business venture...

It's really not about what you DO on a 4 Week Vacation. That's up to you. Follow your dreams, check items off your Bucket List,  and be present with your family (they've been missing you!).

The 4 Week Vacation is about your FREEDOM to BE a HUMAN BEING, not a human doing. 

Now, making a 4 Week Vacation happen, comes down to 2 things:

PEOPLE and systems.

...finding great employees and putting the right systems in place for those employees to run the business in your absence. 

Pretty simple, right? 

But, not so easy, right?

In fact, the biggest stumbling block to a 4 Week Vacation is ... not having the right team members. 

Time and again, I watched business owners getting pulled back into their businesses because they did not have the right team in place.

So I dug in, conducted hundreds of interviews with small business owners who hired successfully, and uncovered what REALLY works when it comes to hiring A-Players in a small business (i.e., those incredibly loyal, problem-solving, go-getters you can count on).

No one else was talking about these strategies for hiring in a small business ... I couldn't believe what I'd stumbled upon!

But I didn't pick just any small businesses to focus on. I picked small businesses with the biggest hiring challenges you can imagine ... rapidly growing small businesses in rural areas (you know, where there are more antelope than people). 

That's really good news for you because chances are you live in an area with more people than antelope. 

I share those strategies in my book, How to Hire the Best.

How to Hire the Best

Using my How to Hire the Best Strategies, our clients are hiring great team members, designing their businesses to run without their daily involvement, and scheduling vacation tests to build up to the ultimate — the 4 Week Vacation. 

I am documenting the journey of these trailblazing entrepreneurs — and what really goes on in a business when the owner COMMITS to a 4 Week Vacation — in my upcoming book, The 4 Week Vacation

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You are just a few vacation tests away from your own 
4 Week Vacation. 
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